My Story

I’m a British-American wildlife photographer, passionate about our connection to the natural world. My images transport you to the moment the shutter closed, creating a window into the wild.

I Grew up in London and began exploring at a young age. As I got older I dove deeper into distant lands, experiencing a vivid patchwork of cultures and ecosystems in over 35 countries. I believe that is what first opened my eyes to the wider world and the extraordinary diversity of life existing symbiotically in complex and crucial ecosystems.

My passion for wildlife and conservation lead me to study Zoology at University. A few years later, lost and derailed from the path I expected life to take me, I made the transition to chase a professional career in photography. I wanted to start conversations, spark awareness of the wild within us humans.

My images have homes worldwide – from Kigali, Rwanda to London to NYC and beyond. I currently live in Seattle.

I believe that if we can understand that we are nature, and not somehow separate from it then maybe we’ll stop treating it as a commodity, to be used up – destroyed – for our convenience. I want to inspire movement towards protecting our planet’s natural resources in order to live harmoniously with all life on earth.

To nurture and grow a more connected, less individualized, community of humans on this planet is essential to the survival of all species, including our own. We all come from the wild, and I believe the way forward is to reintegrate it into our lives.

I want to light a spark inside every person, just as the spark within me ignites, when I see the raw beauty of the natural world. I hope you see yourself in the eyes of the creatures of the wild and know that we are not as different as we believe.