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On this page you will perch on the sill of a window and peer into the wild. I love to write about unpredictable animal encounters, the beauty of the wilderness, the fabric of the universe. You may find something you didn’t know you were looking for, you may be inspired or sparked into a recurring train of thought from a different perspective. You may laugh, or you may find yourself contemplating your own mind. You might find comfort knowing you are not alone, and you might learn a new animal fact. It’s a real mixed bag but know that if you reach in, you might pull something out.

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The Tiger, The Warrior And The Bear



There is a layer of snow covering the ground, all around burnt trees look frail, afraid, traumatised, lonely. The army of thick charcoal columns stands decrepit and deathly. They are decorated with wrinkles of pale grey ash where flames most deeply penetrated the once smooth bark.

This is a mountainside, sloping rounded and smooth like a hill but of high altitude. She knows this because it is cold; It may be cold; If she were there she would surely be cold… Keep Reading