I’m a wildlife photographer, passionate about nature and animal behaviour. My aim is to transport you to the moment the shutter closed and to immerse you in nature. When that happens it reconnects us to the natural world and reminds us of the importance of saving and protecting our planet.

We all come from the wild, and for me the way forward is to remember that and integrate it into our lives. We cannot move forward sustainably without doing so. That is why I am currently focusing on fine art prints, bringing nature into homes in an elegant and subtle way that intertwines a modern lifestyle with our roots.

In such a highly saturated market, and with social media making photography so accessible to everyone, it is crucial to come up with never-before-seen content and the way to do that is research. I am always striving to become a better naturalist, to learn more about my subjects and see things from an uncommon perspective.

However, none of my images are ever manipulated beyond the realm of reality, what you see is what exists naturally. I am an advocate of transparency in all things, and this extends to editing. Like most professional photographers, I do edit my images. I do this to draw out and emphasise the feeling of the scene that was seen, sometimes converting my images to black and white, for example, which often helps to remove distraction from the emotion of a capture. Sometimes I choose to leave my photos in colour, to emphasise the pure aesthetic beauty of the earth.

I want to light a spark inside every person, just as the spark within me ignites, when I see the raw, unfiltered beauty of the natural world. I want to inspire change.